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Clutch - A Safe Space in Nampa for LGBTQ+ Youth - Interview with Mindy OldenKamp

🌈 The awesome force behind Clutch, a non-profit in Nampa that's all about supporting youth aged 14-20.

🎙 Podcast Episode 15:

A Safe Space in Nampa for LGBTQ+ Youth an Interview with Director of Operations - Mindy OldenKamp

Mindy's going to spill the beans on how Clutch came to be, what they're doing to create a safe space for LGBTQ+ youth, and how we can all get involved.

Want to help?

Reach out and see how you can volunteer or donate and help our youth out!

Here's the lowdown: ✨

Find out how Mindy's dream turned into Clutch and what it's all about.

✨ Supporting Youth: Get the scoop on the programs at Clutch that are helping young folks thrive and be their true selves.

✨ Ups and Downs: Mindy's sharing the real talk about the challenges LGBTQ+ youth face and the victories Clutch has scored.

✨ Join In: Discover how you can be part of the Clutch mission and make our community more inclusive.

Let's make some noise for Mindy and Clutch, and celebrate the power of community! 🌟🎙️

✨ Cheers,

Meda at Pride Pages Podcast

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