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Everybody Needs A Will - Will Ranstrom - Attorney

🌈✨ Exciting Announcement: Boise Pride Pages Podcast Exclusive Interview with Will Ranstrom, Attorney - Everybody Needs a Will! ✨🌈

Pride Pages Podcast social media graphic showcasing Will Ranstrom Attorney, Everybody Needs A Will

Hello, fabulous listeners! 🎙️ Get ready for an insightful and crucial episode on Boise Pride Pages Podcast, where we bring you an exclusive interview with the incredible Will Ranstrom, Attorney extraordinaire.

Join us as we dive into the importance of having a will, a conversation that's not just about legalities but about empowering ourselves and securing our future.

🔐 Episode Highlights:

📜 Legal Empowerment: Discover the essential aspects of wills and how they can empower you to make informed decisions about your assets and loved ones.

Will Shares his coming 'out' story, why everybody needs a will, Pride Business League, and our upcoming affiliation with the NGLCC and more.

Catch the Full Video Here:

💡 Navigating the Legal Landscape: Will Ranstrom guides us through the often complex world of legalities in Estate Planning and Probate and why 'Everybody Needs A Will', breaking down the process of creating a will into manageable and understandable steps.

🌈 Inclusivity in Legal Matters: Boise Pride Pages explores the importance of inclusivity in legal services, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their identity, feels represented and protected.

🌟 Spread the Love: Share this podcast with your friends, family, and community. Let's make sure everyone understands the importance of having a will!

🔗 Connect with Us:

Will Ranstrom

(855) 855-9400

🎧 Stay tuned for an episode that goes beyond legal jargon, embracing the spirit of preparedness and empowerment! 🌟✨

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