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Nikson for Idaho - An Inclusive Idaho

Nikson poses with a big smile, beard and mustache, a social media graphic announcing Pride Pages Podcast, Nikson for Idaho - Making a Positive Difference
An Inclusive Idaho with Nikson

Meet Nikson Mathews (they/he), a dedicated Boise resident and multi-generational Idahoan running for Representative.

Nikson shares his 'coming out' journey, first as a lesbian, then as a transgender person.

Nikson elaborates on his journey and desire to make a difference for an inclusive Idaho!

Catch the full Video Podcast with Nikson Here!

Nikson Mathews, a Boise State University graduate with over a decade in marketing and advertising, Nikson focuses on collaborative problem-solving.

In the LGBTQIA+ community, Nikson actively engages in statewide outreach, partnering with ACLU Idaho and Add The Words for meaningful change in healthcare access, housing protections, and equal rights in Idaho.

For more about Nikson and how you can support the campaign for House of Representatives District 16 -

Together, Let's Build a better, more inclusive Idaho!

Don't miss this impactful episode on Pride Pages Podcast, where Nikson shares their inspiring journey for a more inclusive Idaho.  #NiksonForIdaho #PridePagesPodcast #RepresentationMatters #democrat #DemocraticParty #idahodemocrat #houseofrepresentatives #transgender


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