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Coco Freeo - Boise Drag Queen

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Coco Freeo, a Boise drag queen from Puerto Rico who is known for her drag shows in Boise shares some details about her life.

Coco speaks about the first Pride she went to in Boise Idaho. Her first Drag Show. Future upcoming events and more. Watch the whole podcast here.

Catch the whole Podcast interview with Coco Freeo -

Puerto Rican Drag Queen Here.

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🎉 Exciting Podcast Announcement 🎉

Get ready to sashay down the podcast runway because we have a fabulous guest lined up for you! 🌟 Join us on Pride Pages Podcast, as we sit down with the one and only, Coco Freeo, Boise, Idaho's fiercest and most glamorous drag queen! 👑💄

🎙️ Episode 1: "Unleashing the Glamour: A Conversation with Coco Freeo"

In this captivating episode, we'll dive into the dazzling world of drag with Coco Freeo. From her show-stopping performances at local venues to her empowering journey of self-expression, Coco's story is nothing short of inspiring.

🌈 What can you expect from this glamorous episode?

  • Coco's personal journey into the world of drag.

  • The thriving drag scene in Boise, Idaho, and its unique charm.

  • How drag queens like Coco Freeo use their platform to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, the Latin community, and social change.

  • Behind-the-scenes stories of her 'coming out' and how she started drag and came to be Coco.

Get ready for the glitz, the glam, and the heartfelt moments as Coco Freeo takes center stage on Pride Pages Podcast! 🌟

Discover the magic that is Coco Freeo. Don't forget to subscribe and share the excitement with your friends and fellow drag enthusiasts! 🎧💃

Stay fabulous, darlings! 💋✨ #CocoFreeoPodcast #BoiseDragQueen #PodcastInterview #DragQueenMagic


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